LYL’s fair trade, pure Ceylon, black tea comes directly from LYL’s relationships in Sri Lanka.  LYL believes in quality and generosity and this tea is a great example of LYL’s heart and passion.


The goal of Live Your Love™ is to take an every day activity and turn it into an opportunity to empower those less fortunate.

Live Your Love™ was co-founded by Jeremy and Jasmine Dean in 2008, becoming an official limited liability company in 2009.  Live Your Love exists to partner with individuals and communities around the world to assist people in overcoming poverty, abuse, hunger, hate, and injustice.  Since inception, they have partnered with Smile International  to give 25% of LYL’s profits back to the people of Sri Lanka. That money goes to help feed, clothe, and educate the children and widows of Sri Lanka who were devastated by the Tsunami of 2004.

“The immediate need is for a medical clinic in Hambantota, Sri Lanka. Due to a lack of clean water and there only being one tap and one toilet to about 50 houses in the slums, diarrhoea is a big problem with the children.  When you consider that in the world more children die of diarrhoea than HIV, measles, and malaria put together (on average 6 children per minute) this is definitely something which needs to be treated very quickly.  This is what our clinic and nurse will provide.”    - CEO of Smile International, Clive Doubleday

Smile International has been working in Sri Lanka since the 2004 tsunami. Smile international runs a

pre-school, feeding program and after-school care for 186 children who are either tsunami affected victims or children who come from families living in slums who lost their livelihood as a result of the tsunami. Many of these families do not have electricity, running water or toilet facilities.The Center is also used to provide support for women on their Sponsor a Widow Program, who come to the Center once a month for a day of teaching on topics such as, child development, and leave with enough food to sustain them and their families for the coming month. In addition to this they run a micro-enterprise scheme where women learn tailoring and basketry skills, which they can use to find or create employment.

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